Chicken Tikka Masala

In the United Kingdom, chicken tikka masala is a very popular dish. They love it, I love it and better yet, everyone I have made it for, loves it. Surely, it should be named Britian's official national dish. Beautiful, succulent chunks of marinated chicken in a fragrant, creamy tomato sauce. I grew up hating curry. Like many Portuguese households, curry is a flourecent yellow sauce with chunks of dry chicken breast. Since moving to the U.K., I have come to love curry. I make a killer curry with a clear Portuguese accent, but no less delicious. My coconut curry is influenced by Macau, a former Portuguese colony. I will have to share that recipe soon. I add chouriço, which I feel adds a beauti

Roasted Pork Loin with Mozzarella and Chouriço

Can you believe it's October? While all my American friends and family prepare for Thanksgiving, here in the U.K., Christmas has arrived! The stores are already displaying trees, decorations, isles of bows and gift wrap. You know I absolutely adore Christmas, but I just can't ever get used to the, almost three month, head start. Today's recipe is inspired by just that. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I find myself missing Thanksgiving. Since moving to Europe, I have always celebrated Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July. It has become a family tradition. Here at the Castro residence, or in any Portuguese kitchen for that matter, we don't wait for Sunday, to make a roast. In fact, for me

Crawley,West Sussex UK

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