Design Do's and Don'ts

DON'T: Don't be afraid to leave artwork unhung. This can be especially useful for larger pieces in a rented space. (did someone say deposit back) DO: Hang artwork and mirrors at eye level. I'm short at 5 feet so I use my husband's eye level as my guide. DON'T: Hang artwork up by the ceiling. I see this so often and it really is a major fail. DO: Group smaller pieces together for a larger impact, as I did below, with these vintage Barbie prints, in my daughter's bedroom. DO: Keep your interior's larger pieces neutral and then inject the space with bursts of colour. Today, I am going to share with you my own design do's and dont's. Of course rules were meant to be broken and it's not to say th

Feijoada à Portuguesa ❦ Portuguese Style Bean Stew

Making a bean stew is nothing new in any culture. The Portuguese use pork traditionally, but in some regions, mainly in the south, variations include squid and chicken, with both red or white bean variations. In the north of Portugal's, Trás-os-Montes region, a very popular variation uses red kidney beans and cabbage or kale. Traditionally inexpensive cuts of meat were slow cooked to make them more appealing. I love my equally delicious versions with leaner meats like chicken and squid, but that's another post. The French call thiers, Cassoulet, using duck and small white beans, like the haricot variety. In Brazil, like Portugal, pig is used. The variation comes in with the beans of choice,

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca with Prawns

Do you want a fast, restaurant quality meal at home? Need to use up that dusty can of anchovies that's been sitting neglected in your panty? Got 15 minutes? Spaghetti alla Puttanesca to the recue. Invented in Naples, Italy around the 20th century, the name literally translates to "spaghetti in the style of a whore"! The stories of the sauce's origin abound. There are a few variations depending on the region, but we can all agree it is delicious. I added prawns to mine, yes... I am the "bastardising recipe queen", but I had to have a protein in there :). A final sprinkling of cheese is entirely up to you. I honestly do not add cheese to mine, but hubby can't do without. Italian black olives a

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