Negroni Classic Cocktail

It is funny how stereotypical gender labels can attach themselves to everything from a boy playing with dolls, to a girl drinking whiskey straight. With that said, I must also admit I am a one choice kind of girl. I go to a restaurant, order something and if I like it, I won't order anything else...ever. Same goes for my cocktail repertoire. My first cocktail was a Cosmopolitan. I know, I know..."so girly"., being so pink and all. To be honest though, it isn't "girly" at all. When made correctly, it is cocktail heaven. Perfectly balanced. I always have a Cosmo. Have had them all over the world. In March, I celebrated my birthday in London. I don't need to get into how fabulous the bars in Lo

Serradura ❦ Portuguese “Sawdust Pudding”

I can think of no faster or easier pudding to throw together at the last minute. Serradura which is Portuguese for sawdust, is a classic Portuguese dessert. North to south, you will find it in most restaurants. Why so popular? It is simply delicious. Need a dessert to take to a friend's party? Forgot to make dessert for your dinner party? Kids need a dessert for the school fair? This is your saviour! With just three ingredients, it is rich, indulgent and delicious. Did I mention fast? I add vanilla bean paste, but it is totally optional. Using clear glasses to show off the layers is a must. So what are you waiting for? A little advice? Double the recipe. Every time I make this dessert it dis

Chicken, Clam and Crab Linguine with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Chorizo

This recipe was inspired by a trip my husband and I took a few years ago. We went to spend a romantic weekend in Newquay, a gorgeous little seaside town perched atop Cornwall's magnificent Atlantic cliffs. With crystal blue waters and miles of sandy beaches reminiscent of any mediteranean holiday. The weekend however, was marked by much more than the views, it was what we ate that left me lusting for more. Tucked away on the high street and pretty easy to walk past and overlook, was a tiny take-away style restaurant called, Little Kahuna. It had no more than six tables for eating in and a queue out the door for take-away. I ordered the crab and mussel linguine and asked that my mussels be su

Crawley,West Sussex UK

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