The Best Cheat's Pizza

Today's blog post is not a recipe at all, rather a quick shortcut for a super fast easy way to make pizza at home in under 15 minutes. That's right! No pre-heating your oven or pizza stones required. My method produces restaurant quality pizza using a good quality, fresh store bought pizza. What makes a pizza so good? It is the dough of course! Supermarket pizza has come a long way, with some even boasting being produced in Italy, using Italian flours. Tesco's Finest range, Waitrose and Sainsbury's all have gorgeous varieties. Delicious wood fired varieties are exceptional and rival any good High Street Pizzaria chain. I am not talking about the frozen variety here folks, or the "make your o

Sundried Tomato Beer Spinach and Beef Ragù

Yesterday was chilly, damp and cloudy. Perfect for a big , delicious and comforting bowl of pasta. Smothered in a rich, velvety beef ragù. Wanting some instant gratification, I quickly made this sauce. It takes an hour or so. Not nearly as long as a classic bolognese. It is delicious with any pasta shape you fancy. I personally adore angel hair. It is my new favourite, linguine is in second and third, rigatoni. It is delicious and the combination of ingredients work magically together. I hope you enjoy making and eating it as I did. Let me know how it turns out. xoxoxoxoxo Sundried Tomato Spinach and Beer Ragù with Angel Hair Pasta Serves 4 very generously 60 ml. Extra virgin olive oil 400 g

Homemade Butter

Can you believe it's September? This summer seemed to fly by. Technically, we have 22 days of summer left, but being here in the UK, that's arguable :). As cooler weather approaches, I find myself in heaven. I love Autumn. The crisp air, the colourful leaf display and most of all... comfort food! Can you think of anything more perfect than hot bread and salted butter? There is no more perfect food on earth! Except if you make the butter yourself! The process itself is so satisfying. I love squishing the butter between my fingers as I squeeze out the buttermilk and then knead in the salt. (Do not discard this treasure! Use it to whip up delicious scones or all American buttermilk pancakes.) I

Crawley,West Sussex UK

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