Bacalhau à Brás ❦ Salt Cod Hash

Bacalhau à brás is one of the most popular salt-cod dishes in Portugal and beyond. The delicious combination of flakey cod, shoestring fried potatoes, and onions, all brought together by delicious creamy eggs, is celestial. After you try it you will understand why. It is a simple dish and very easy to make. Unfortunately, this dish is often not made well. The eggs are not supposed to scramble. Just like an Italian carbonara, the eggs should thicken into a silky sauce. That my friends does take practice. I will share a tip, to make this easier for beginners, below. Just remember that salt cod needs to be rehydrated and de-salted, before you can cook with it. To do this, rinse the cod under co

Rustic Tuscan Sausage Bean and Cavolo Nero Kale Soup

Winter has just begun and so far it has been mild. In less than two weeks I will be going away on holiday to an even colder destination. My fav!! It is all very hush-hush, so I will share with you all as soon as I can ;). Everyone here at Casa Castro, loves soup. My husband especially loves super chunky ones. I prefer smooth soups with a few chunks, so he was super excited for this. This soup has a little hint of crushed red chilli flakes, to counter balance the sweet cream. Use as little or as much as you wish. I use Italian inspired pork sausages, available only at Marks and Spencer's, here in the U.K.. Seasoned with fennel, garlic and cayenne pepper, they are divine. I always double up on

The Best Roast Chicken

I do not understand why the simple roast has been subjected to being a weekend meal. Why? I can think of nothing simpler and with immpresssive results, that requires no stirring, watching or multiple pots, to achieve a glorious result. Humble enough for everyday, yet just as elegant for company. This chicken embodies everything about my Mediterranean cuisine, with a little Greek twist. I like to add olives and sometimes, even cubed, Feta cheese. If you love garlic and lemon you will love this recipe. At home I do not use any measurements, after you make this a few times, as with most recipes, you will instinctively add what you love in less or more quantities. So go ahead, put all the ingre

Roasted Garlic Leek and Broccoli Soup

Hello Friends and Happy New Year! I thought a fitting recipe to start off the year would be a delicious soup, so every week this month, I will be sharing a delicious soup recipe. Best of all, most will have the option to be totally vegetarian. Being Portuguese, I eat soup everyday. It is a fact. There isn't a Potuguese household who doesn't eat soup, if not daily, at least several times a week, year round. I have many soup recipes, but this month I will share my favourites. Most soup vegetables are now in season like, leeks, carrots, onions and turnips. All of my favourite soups are made with these vegetables. This delicious soup is elevated by using roasted garlic. Something magical happens

French 75 Cocktail

As we fold into 2019, drink trends start to fade and new ones emerge. Gin has always been popular, but recently it's popularity has soared in craft cocktails all over the world. Gin's popularity in Portugal alone, in 2017, was astonishing. This year my trend prediction lies with Vermouth, but that's another post. New Year's Eve would not be complete without opening a bottle of bubbly. That bubbly, of course must be Champagne. A mid price bottle, such as Bollinger Special Cuvée Brutt, is ideal. Since I love Champagne cocktails, I decided to make one that hasn't been on the scene for a while, or at least not on any cocktail menu I have seen recently. Let's face it, Champagne ain't cheap, so th

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