Mousse de Chocolate Clássico ❦ Classic Chocolate Mousse

I must start by saying that I am not a sweets person at all. I never crave chocolate, GASP....I know I get that all the time. I much prefer savoury things. Every once in a very long while, I will crave my chocolate mousse. Blame growing up in the 80's and Portuguese. I mean have you ever gone to a Portuguese restaurant that doesn't have this on the menu? Me neither? This my friends is the recipe for the real deal, not the whipping cream added version, which to me has more of a pudding like consistency. This is chocolate and eggs at their most spectacular. Use the freshest eggs you can get your hands on and wash them with warm soapy water, since the risk of salmonella is on the shells. The in

Braised Rabbit with Fried Potatoes ❦ Coelho Guisado com Batatas Fritas

I actually wasn't sure if I should post this recipe being that rabbit is not a very popular meat here in the UK, but in the spirit of preserving my mother's recipes, I owe it to my readers and my country to share. The best thing about this recipe is the sauce and it is incredibly versatile. It lends inself to other white meats, think chicken, turkey and pork. So feel free to substitute the rabbit for any of these. You won't regret it, the sauce is gorgeous. Enjoy XOXOXO Braised Rabbit with Fried Potatoes ❦ Coelho Guisado com Batatas Fritas Serves 4 For the braise 1 Rabbit approx. weight 1,300 kilo, Ask your butcher to joint it for you 4 Egg yolks 1 Onion, peeled and finely chopped 1 Leek, wh

Oven Roasted Green Beans

Green beans are delicious, but have you ever had them topped with chorizo, cheese and oven roasted? Let me tell you...they are absoulutly... insanely good! Oddly enough if a vegetable could be sexy then these fine green beans win. They are fancy enough for a holiday side but equally easy any day of the week. This recipe doesnt reaaly need measurements as I think it is an "add as much as you fancy" kind of dish. So go on and load 'em up. They are oven to table in 20 minutes. Enjoy XOXOXO Oven Roasted Green Beans Serves 4-6 as a side 650 g. Fine French trimmed green beans 50 g. Chorizo 60 ml. Extra virgin olive oil 50 ml. Balsamic vingar Crushed red chilli flakes, optional Grated Pecorino Roma

Arroz de Feijão Encarnado com Tomate❦ Portuguese Red Kidney Beans and Tomato Rice

Today's recipe was requested by one of my lovely followers. She had had this dish as a child, but now that her mother and grandmother have passed away, she had no recipe. After tasting the rice at my house she was so excited and practically begged me for the recipe saying it transported her to the holidays spent in the Algarve as a child. Awwww....I know, I was so flattered. I gave her the recipe and since it may also transport you to your childhood, I thought I would share it with all of you. Enjoy XOXOXO Arroz de Feijão Encarnado com Tomate❦ Portuguese Red Kidney Beans and Tomato Rice Serves 6 250 g. Long grain easy cook/par-boiled rice 80 g. about 1/3 cup Tomato passata 600 ml. Water, veg

The Best Maple Bourbon Whiskey Chicken Wings

I love chicken wings! I mean, I crave them. The sticky sweet and spicy glaze. The crispy skin. Oven baked to perfection. Chicken wings have become very overly complicated lately, with every chef claiming to have the secret to perfect wings. I am here to tell you the secret is in the temperature and not the method. My wings always come out perfectly crisp and juicy. I oven bake mine at 230°c/450°f. I let mine marinate overnight...they are soooo delicious. The meat cooks perfectly in 30 minutes. I turn the broiler/grill onto high for the last 5 minutes to get them really browned and crisp. Enjoy XOXOXO The Best Maple Bourbon Whiskey Chicken Wings Serves 2 as an appetiser or 4 served with a car

Prego no Pão ❦ Portuguese "Nailed" Steak Sandwich

If I had to eat one thing everyday for the rest of my life, beef would be it! I love it!! This recipe is a classic of Portugal, with many claiming origins in Lisbon, it is the epitome of Portuguese "tasca" culture. It is also widely consumed in many of Portugal's former colonies, such as Mozambique and Angola. I suspect the name comes from the pounding of the meat and them "nailing" the garlic to it with the mallet. In tascas they were not using prime cuts of beef so the mallet was the best way to get the meat thin and a little tender. This is a minute steak. You do not want to overcook this, even if you use sirloin like I do. My recipe is delicious and the marinade really makes it. Many pla

Torta Pasqualina Modo Mio ❦ Italian Easter Cake My Way

Having been raised in Connecticut, I had many Italian friends. At Easter they all ate this glorious savoury pie, filled with spinach, swiss chard, ricotta and eggs. This recipe is my own version of this delicious cake. They say the original was made with 33 very thin layers of pastry, each representing a year of Jesus' life. I thought it would be alot easier to use ready made filo/ phyllo dough. It came out beautifully. This cake can be made 2 days ahead and kept refrigerated. Enjoy cold or you could pop it back into a pre-heated oven before serving, the pastry will crisp back up. I get requests from family and friends for this, so I thought I would just post my recipe so they could make it

Folar de Carnes de Páscoa ❦ Portuguese Easter Bread with Meats

This delicious traditional bread filled with charcuterie meats, and chicken, is a very delicious addition to your Easter table. In fact, Easter is not Easter in our house without one. There is another version with hard boiled eggs, but I prefer this deliciously indulgent, meat filled one. It makes a great mid-night snack. This is my husband's aunts recipe with a few tweaks from myself. Feel free to substuite any of the charcuterie meats for your favourites. Enjoy XOXOXO Happy Easter Folar de Carnes de Páscoa ❦ Portuguese Easter Bread with Meats About 10 slices Approximately 2 hours For the dough 600 g. Plain flour 100 g. Salted butter, melted 30 g. Fresh yeast 4 Eggs, large and free-range 10

Portuguese Oven Baked Chicken Thighs in Red Wine with Baby Potatoes ❦ Coxas de Frango e Batatinhas

People often tell me they save the roasting for the weekend. I personally do not understand. Gone are the days when you needed to fire up the wood burning stove to make a roast. Realistically, a roast today is the simplest meal you can make with very impressive results. My one pan Portuguese chicken bake is delicious and only takes about 40 minutes in the oven. Can a weekday meal get any simpler? Marinate and place in baking dish, covered, the night before and refrigerate , pop it in the oven when you get home from work. The magic happens while you change clothes and freshen up. You even have time to set the table and enjoy a cheeky glass of wine. My husband adores this is one of

No-Measure Chocolate Cake

What can be simpler than a cake that requires no scales, no measuring cups and no teaspoons? All you need to make this cake is a mug. YES! A plain old mug. Forgot about the school bake sale? You can whip this cake out in 30 minutes. I didn't come up with this recipe, in fact, I think there isn't a Portuguese person on the planet who doesn't have their own version of a mug cake. In Portugal , a chavena, is an actual legitimate measure. My mother made a similar one with yogurt. The empy yogurt cup used to measure the rest of the ingredients. Since you use the mug to measure the ingredients, you always get a perfect result. You will instantly turn into a star baker! This recipe was given to me

Creamy Pea and Crab Tagliatelle with Chorizo and Poached Egg

I don't make fresh pasta very often , but when the mood hits, it's always very satisfying and most certainly, therapeutic. One of my favourite pasta dishes is my spicy clam, chorizo and crab linguine. I had made fresh tagliatelle the other morning not really knowing what I would make with it. This recipe came together like magic. It only took 15 minutes start to finish. Topped with a gorgeous poached egg, it is now going on my weekly favourites list. You can use fresh store bought pasta if you wish, it won't alter the dish in any way. I used tinned jumbo lump crab meat. It is so versatile. I also used chilli and garlic infused extra virgin olive oil. If you don't have this, just use regular

Proscuitto Wrapped Figs and Brie with Maple Syrup ❦ Embrulos de Figos Frescos Presunto Queijo Brie

This darlings is simply the sexiest, most decadent, most delicious, appetiser recipe in the world. Figs are one of my favourite fruits. Ripe, sweet and beautiful to look at. If a fruit can be sexy, then figs definitely win. My maternal grandparents are from the Algarve region of Portugal and for 6 years they also lived in Morocco. I can tell you I have eaten a lot of figs. One of my earliest memories while on holiday was eating my grandmother's homemade fig jam. I will have to share her recipe here soon. With Easter just around the corner and Lent almost over, you're just one fig away from a deliciously, sinful experience. You can substitute the prosciutto for Serrano ham, presunto, pancetta

O Melhor Frango Frito ❦ The Best Fried Chicken

Hearing the words, fried chicken, you immediately picture fast food places, like American KFC, and think it isn't a good choice. While in most instances that might be true, I am here to tell you that you can make, delicious, restaurant quality fried chicken at home. You do not need expensive equimpment, an electric deep fat fryer or fancy shmancy gadgets to achieve this super food. Americans aren't the only ones who fry chicken to perfection. In Portugal, fried chicken is very often featured on lucnh menus across the country. Oh and that buttermilk brine that's all the rage? Guess what, we had that down too, probably centuries before it became so mainstream. Today I will share with you my

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