Summer Lust Haves 2019

Summer is just around the corner and I thought I would share with you some of fabulous items I am lusting after right now. This year in fashion you can expect to see the python trend going strong. I personally do not consider animal prints a trend. To me they are timeless classics. Neon, on the other hand, is a really difficult trend to pull off in the real world. Ease it into your wardrobe by mixing with khaki or pastel colours. If you are feeling even less adventurous, try some neon earrings or even a small handbag. For the home, bamboo seems to be dominating the scene. Everything from picture frames to furniture. Think Florida chic...YES, Please! Florals will be everywhere this year. Trop

Carne Guisada com Esparguete Ervilhas e Cenouras ❦ Portuguese One Pot Braised Beef with Spaghetti Ca

This has got to be one of my favourite childhood dishes. It is simply braised beef with the spaghetti, or other pasta of your liking, added to the same pot. Italians will tell you an abundance of water is needed to cook pasta, but it is simply not true. In fact some pastas boiled in less water create a bigger amount of starch which is then used to thicken the sauce you add the pasta to. Insert eyeroll from my Italian friends, lol. My mother did however break the pasta in half to facilitate it fitting in the pot in one go. The less liquid you add the better as too much water will dilute the flavour too much. Any pasta works so pictured below I actually used linguine instaed of spaghetti only

Home-made Pickled Vegetables

After having trouble finding pickled carrots here in the UK, I considered making my own pickles at home. It is sooo easy! You can even experiment with different vegetables or even fruits. This is my fuss free go to pickling mix. Use the pickles for a few recipes on the blog. The bonus is they are crunchier than the commercial jarred variety. My liquid was enough to cover a Kilner brand jar full of varied vegetables. My jar was 400 ml., and I had plenty of liquid to cover the vegetables completly in the jar. If you need more just double the recipe. I did blanch my carrots and cauliflower in water beforehand, as they are too hard. The red bell pepper and onions do not need this step. Have fun

Quick Portuguese Sautéed Beef with Pickles ❦ Pica Pau

This dish is a classic of the beloved Portuguese tasca. Tascas, adored most in Lisbon, are tiny little restaurants. Little holes in the wall. Not fancy, decorated or adorned. Not worried about Trip Advisor reviews, that have been there for not just years but generations. They are the pure heart and soul of the city. Here you can order the daily special, o prato do dia, and wash it all down with small cups of cold house red wine. Yes I said cold. Many older gents, my father included, would shiver at the thought of room temperature red wine. The best thing about a tasca? The fast plates, petiscos, of delicious Portuguese fare. Snails, chicken gizzards, prego no pão or bifana (Minute steak or p

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