The Best Easy Turkey Stock

So...I am making a spatchcocked bird this year. I know, I know, and before you judge, just let me say I am not in the trendy crowd, lol. I wanna try it, and see what all the hype is about. From a chef...or cook's makes sense. Fast, even cooking,(about 90 minutes, as opposed to hours)...equals moist meat and crisp skin. Our ancestors probably didn't give all this much thought. Turkey, cleaned, whole, and thrown into the get the picture. Today we are so much more knowledgeable in the kitchen. We can take the best of the best and adapt. Every year, I roast a whole bird in all it's glory. It always turns out nice, but this year I wanted to shake things up. Hos

The Best Corn Bread Stuffing with Portuguese Chicken Sausage (Alheira) Chestnuts Apples and Collard

Stuffing, or more accurately in this case, dressing is a delicious accompaniment to any holiday table. In fact, being raised in America, stuffing is obligatory. Growing up, my mother used to make something very similar to stuffing, açorda, which is a very flavorful broth ladled over stale or day old bread. A hearty, filling meal back when people were more impoverished. In the states, stuffing usually refers to the bread mix stuffed into the turkey cavity before roasting. Dressing is "stuffing" cooked separately and not stuffed. I prefer this method. To me, it is just more moist than the stuffing in the turkey. This year, my turkey will be roasted whole, but spatchcocked. I think this method

Feijoada de Feijão Preto com Lombinho de Porco e Abóbora Assada ❦ Portuguese Style Black Bean Stew

What inspires you? For me it is reinventing new ways to "modernize" my Portuguese traditional recipes. It doesn't mean I do not respect what they are, it just means times are changing. We are more vegetarian, more vegan, more health conscience than ever before. Yet I still crave my mother's pork ear and trotter filled bean stews, braising away with delectable aromas I could smell two blocks away as I approached from school. I also want something easier than stewing the meat with the beans and of course leaner cuts without jeopardizing flavor. I think this recipe ticks all my boxes. It is fast, healthy and delicious. It can very easily be adapted to vegetarian by omitting or replacing the por

Spaghetti Carbonara with Chorizo

Yesterday I got the most ridiculous craving for pasta. I wasn't hungry and I hadn't even been thinking about dinner. I had spaghetti, cheese, eggs and what's a girl to do? I made a carbonara with chorizo instead of guanciale. The chorizo is equally tasty and it's pork...that counts right? This is probably my favourite Italian pasta dish. It is almost always the pasta I will order in an Italian restaurant. It is freakin' delicious and last night I caved. I made it, piled it sky high into a deep bowl, loaded it with a ton of freshly cracked black pepper and ate in sitting in my favourite armchair while watching tv. Yup...I feel no grab some chorizo, some eggs and some

Cavolo Nero Bean and Sausage Soup with Roasted Butternut Squash

Have you started to notice I am totally crushing on butternut squash? I am absolutely obsessed with it lately. I have incorporated it into every, well almost every, dish I have made this week. Fall is my season, so naturally this glorious vegetable is the perfect representative of it. Orange is the colour of fall. I here you rolling your eyes...autumn. Lol. This soup seems complicated with it's multi steps, but I promise the finished result will be worth it. Double the batch and really make the time work for you. It freezes beautifully. Enjoy XOXOXO Cavolo Nero Bean and Sausage Soup with Roasted Butternut Squash Serves 6-8 For the soup base: 2 L. Chicken stock 30 ml. Extra virgin olive oil 3

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