One Pot Stewed Chicken with Beer and Rice ❦ Arroz de Frango Guisado com Cerveja

This super easy chicken and rice recipe is so delicious and easy. I have added a few twists to it to make it easy and even yummier. It is all made in one pot , so it just couldn't be easier. This recipe is guaranteed to become a firm family favourite, as it is super popular with the kids. One Pot Stewed Chicken with Beer and Rice ❦ Arroz de Frango Guisado com Cerveja Serves 4 Under 1 hour 850 g. Chicken thighs and legs, skin on 1/2 Cup frozen peas 1/2 Cup Rice, parboiled or easy cook variety. I like Uncle Ben's brand 1/2 Cup Tomato passata 1 Can of cream of mushroom soup 1 Beer (330ml) I used Stella Artois 60 ml. Extra virgin olive oil 250 ml. Chicken stock 1/2 Lemon, juice only 1 Onion, cho

Balsamic Beef Shin Tagine with Rosemary and Apricots

Perfect for Sunday, today I am sharing with you a super delicious, throw it in the oven and forget about it, recipe. You just throw everything into a tagine, or other lidded oven casserole dish, and let it slow cook for 2 1/2 hours. The result is fall apart tender beef and loads of flavour. The dried apricots caramelize as the bake and become even more delicious. Served with buttery potato purée, this a special meal with no effort. Enjoy XOXO Balsamic Beef Shin Tagine with Rosemary and Apricots Serves 4 2 1/2 hours hands off 800 g. Beef shin, boneless and cut into cubes 100 g. Dried apricots 60 g. Unsalted butter 85 g. Smoked bacon lardons 10 Cloves of garlic, minced 6 Sprigs of fresh rosem

Watercress Soup with Carrot and Pumpkin ❦ Sopa de Agrião com Cenoura e Abóbora

Watercress is one of my favourite vegetables. Once considered a weed, it was fist cultivated in the UK in the 1800's. According to many health organizations, the world over, watercress is a disease fighting power house. Packed full of disease fighting antioxidants it is also a fantastic source of vitamin k. Us Portuguese know a thing or two about soup. In my house soup is a matter when you pop over, I can guarantee I have soup in the fridge. Healthy, low calorie and easy. It is truly the ultimate comfort food. Love in a bowl can be yours too, just follow my recipe below. Make sure to serve with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive. Olive oil is healthiest when unheated and raw therefo

Portuguese Braised Peas and Eggs ❦ Ervilhas com Ovos Escalfados

This is a classic of the Portuguese kitchen. Peas braised with bacon, chouriço, tomatoes, red wine, and finished with poached eggs and a generous sprinkling of coriander. It was a dish my mother made often, and my Algarvian grandmother, before her. It is comforting, rich and yet surprising light. In Portugal, it is a main dish, but I often serve it as a starter with some rustic crusty bread to mop up all the sauce. My mother used to add red wine, so that's how I make them, but feel free to use white or omit all together. I like my eggs runny, so I only cook them for 6-7 minutes. If you prefer a hard yolk, cook for a total of 10 minutes. Enjoy xoxo Portuguese Braised Peas and Eggs ❦ Ervilhas

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