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Roasted Octopus with "Punched" Potatoes "Lagareiro Style" ❦ Polvo à Lagareiro co

Frozen octopus, contrary to other foods, is actually better than fresh. When the octopus is frozen, the shock it's muscles receive, help to make it more tender. I have made both fresh and frozen, but prefer to buy it frozen. The octopus retains lots of water, so when you boil it, you need to add very little water to the pot.

Many recipes call for the potatoes to be roasted along with the octopus in the oven. I do not do this. I find that by the time the potatoes are cooked through, I am left with a rubbery, overdone octopus.

I boil my potatoes until they are almost cooked through, drain and then lightly "punch" each one so that they split and open. "Batatas a murro" literally means punched potatoes. Later when the garlic flavoured olive oil is added to the roasting tin, the potatoes will be infused beautifully.

This recipe is extremely simple to make. It is also a showstopper! It plates up beautifully and oohs & ahhs are guaranteed! So without further ado.

XOXO enjoy ♡

Polvo a Lagareiro com Batatas a Murro ♡ Roasted Octopus with "Punched" Potatoes Lagareiro Style

Serves 4-6