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Veal Piccata with Angel Hair Pasta

Yesterday, I came across the most beautiful rosé veal rump steak. Veal is one of my favourite meats. Only a handful of supermarkets near me carry it. Veal piccata is a classic of the Italian American table. I can't tell you how much of it I devoured in Hartford's little Italy. Each restaurant claimed to have the best, but I think mine is better, sexier....if you will.

The very thin veal cutlets, scallopine, is an Italian term for a thin cutlet of meat, typically veal, but you can substitute chicken, turkey or pork. The scallopine are dredged in flour and pan fried with garlic, lemon, capers, white wine and a glorious amount of butter. Some recipes I have seen do not have garlic, this is a big mistake. Garlic elevates this to new heights.

It's indulgent and silky served over angel hair pasta that was tossed in the sauce, it is just divine! This is the perect dinner party recipe. The angel hair pasta really adds to the sexy mouth feel of this dish.

Enjoy xoxoxo

Veal Piccata with Angel Hair Pasta

Serves 4

480 g. 8 Veal scallopini (1/4 of an inch thick)

300 g. Capellini (Angel Hair) pasta

125 g. Butter, unsalted

60 g. Flat leaf parsley to garnish

125 ml. Dry white wine

125 ml. Veal or chicken stock

2 tbsp. Extra virgin olive