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Carne de Porco à Portuguesa ❦ Portuguese Style Pork

I am super excited to share with you a true classic of the Portuguese kitchen! Predominently southern, tender pork is marinated in garlic, sweet paprika, bay leaves and garlic, pan fried and served with cubed fried potatoes and pickeled giardiniera and olives. It is delicious and I feel it really embodies Portugal's culinary style.

We Portuguese, love pork... pork is KING! From chouriço to pork chops....we do it best!

This is the dish I chose to demonstrate at, Crawley's Cultural Kitchen Live, for it's ease of preparation and taste.

I hope you enjoy this fabulous classic.

Carne de Porco à Portuguesa ❦ Portuguese Style Pork

Serves 4

1 kg. Pork tenderloin cut into 1 inch cubes

1 kg. Potatoes for frying such as Maris Piper or Yukon Gold,

cut into 1 inch cubes

1 litre Vegetable oil, to fry potatoes

8 Garlic cloves, whole and peeled

8 Bay leaves

2 tbsp. Sweet paprika (pimenton dulce) available at most Portuguese food shops, online or at Sainsbury’s

1 tbsp. Course sea salt

250 ml. Portuguese Vinho Verde ( available at Sainsbury’s), or any other dry white wine such as Chardonnay

1 tbsp. Lard

60 ml. Extra virgin olive oil

100 g. Giardiniera pickles jarred, finely chopped (available at M&S)

50g. Black Portuguese olives or Kalamata variety, finely chopped

1 Bunch fresh coriander, finely chopped to garnish

1 lemon, cut into wedges to serve


3 hours and up to 8 hours before

Place pork, garlic, bay leaves, salt, paprika and white wine in a large zipper bag, squeeze out excess air, place in a bowl and refrigerate until ready to use.

Cut and cube potatoes, put in large bowl and cover with cold water, so they do not brown, until ready to fry.


Place a a large frying pan on the hob on high heat with the lard and olive oil. Let heat until smoking.

With a slotted spoon, lift meat from marinade, drain well and add to hot oil and fry for 5 mins. Throw in a few bay leaves and garlic cloves too. Be careful, as wet meat will splatter, reduce this by draining very well.

Reserve marinade.

Meanwhile, drain potatoes and pat dry in a tea towel.

Heat vegetable oil in a large stock pot or electric fryer if using, and add potatoes and fry until golden brown. Lift from oil and drain on kitchen towels, set aside.

Add remaining wine to pan to deglaze and reserved marinade. Let simmer 4 minutes and reduce heat to low.

Add fried potatoes and coriander and toss to coat with sauce and meat.

Serve topped with chopped Giardiniera pickles and olive mixture and lemon wedges.

Excellent with a side salad or white rice.

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