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Moelas Guisadas ❦ Portuguese Chicken Gizzard Stew

Today's recipe is one very dear to my heart. My mother was an excellent cook. She understood how to balance food naturally. A gift she passed on to me. This was one of the first dishes I mastered, and everyone who has mine asks for the recipe.

How many times have you tasted a dish and thought, this is missing something.

Sometimes it isn't the most elaborate dishes that have the most flavour, it's simply knowing how to balance and enhance each one to make gastronomic magic.

This recipe does just that. The stew's slow reduction, the humble ingredients, the velvet smooth bread loving sauce is just one of my absolute favourite dishes.

I stew mine with red wine. Many recipes call for white wine, beer or sometimes both. Equally delicious, I prefer the red wine version.

I have to admit the word gizzard is not very appealing. I assure you they are delicious. I love their mouth feel, and bite.

Most recipes call for a 40 minute cook time, but that is not correct. Your sauce will reduce and you'll be left with chewy morsels. I recommend a 45 minute boil, followed by a 40 minute stew. My recipe guarantees perfect results.

Most pre-packaged chicken gizzard packs sold also contain chicken hearts. Although they are very flavourful, I will usually boil them to enhance the stew, but discard before serving. This of course is entirely optional.

Most frozen or fresh pre-packaged gizzards come cleaned.

This is desirable, as cleaning them yourself is tedious.

Moelas Guisadas ❦ Portuguese Chicken Gizzard Stew

Serves 6 as an