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Christmas Home Tour The Purple Door Supper Club

Welcome to my home. I've had so many emails from you asking for a holiday, decor tour of my home. Can you believe I actually put my trees up before Thanksgiving? I hoped to post it way before today, but life happens and I have had no time. Between the kids, Mayoral events, social gatherings and Christmas parties, it has been almost impossible.

This is our first Christmas in our new home. We moved in at the end of last year, so last Christmas didn't feel right at all. We were all packed for the move and all I had up was my small tree. This year that tree is in the conservatory.

I have had my massive white tree about three years now. I have now used it's original colour scheme on the gold tree. This year I decided to go with silver, gold and navy blue. The colours work really well with my living room decor. The room itself is peaceful and neutral. Greys, whites and small pops of colour. Next year I think I want a different tree. I am crushing on this 8ft. flocked Douglous Fir.

The conservatory boasts black, gold and emerald green. The touches of brass also warm up this room. Conservatories are notorious for their "cold" feel in winter. I hope you enjoy. Do not make fun of my kitchen wallpaper, it's so ugly, I will get to changing it soon. Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us at Casa Castro xoxoxo

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