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Hello Darlings,

Today I want to share with you two of our four bedrooms decorated for the holidays. The master bedroom and our youngest daughters' cosy bedroom. They share this room and I must admit it is probably one of my favourite rooms in the house. It is bright, cheery and super cosy. They did need to have a bunk bed, which I am not very fond of, and this one is super modern and clean lined. Birch and white is everywhere at the moment. This one is from Wayfair. The Barbie prints I framed about five years ago. The girls absoulutly adore Barbie, and I do too. I would put these prints anywhere in my home. Of course no girly girls' bedroom would be complete without a pink Christmas tree. It is soo cute! Maybe next year I will get a big one for the living room.

The wallpaper in their room has actually grown on me. I really like it so it's here to stay...for now.

My bedroom wallpaper has got to go, LOL! Like every other project on my to do list, this one will definitely be last. The kitchen takes priority. Ok, so it's not that bad. We have lived with it for a year and my decor is pretty neutral. It is not something I would personally choose. I have my heart set on an abstract metallic. I gave my eldest daughter the biggest room which means my Christmas tree space is limited. A smokey black, flocked tree would look stunning with white and silver accents. It would fit where I have my bench, but would need to be tall and slender, like the one in the conservatory.

The wreath above the bed gives off a beautiful glow and acts as a pleasant nightlight.

I hope you enjoy xoxoxo

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