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DIY Evergreen Winter Floral Arrangment

Who doesn't like flowers? I adore them and am never without fresh flowers in my home. Floral arrangments however, can be pricey. I will often make my own arrangements and never settle for the typical supermarket bouquet. Get it home, cut it up and arrange it differently. Today's post didn't cost me a cent. I am lucky to have three varieties of evergreen shrubs in my garden. I used an old wreath with gold eucalyptus leaves and a few pinecones, and that was all I needed to create this look. This centrepiece would have easily cost over £75 in a florist shop. With a little creativity, you too can create beautiful floral arrangements for the upcoming festive holidays. I hope you enjoy the photos and that I have inspired you to make your life beautiful too. My mother would always tell me flowers are for the living...and I think she was right.


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