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Christmas Table Style 2018

Many of you have been emailing to ask if I buy new dinnerware every year. The answer is simple, no. I have three sets of nicer porcelain and I will usually play with these. Dressing them up or down. I do keep it fresh by changing the linen, charger plates and sometimes I mix them. Whenever I do buy new plates or pasta bowls, I always think about how their colours or patterns will work with my existing sets. I can probably say, remarkably, I have never set the table the same... ever. I use napkins, cups and cutlery to set the mood. The centerpiece will usually be floral and candles are a must. I think I have over 20 different candle holders.

We have a very modern light wood and white glass dining table. Since buying this table I can count the times I have used a tablecloth. I prefer the charger plates with or without placemats on the bare table. It is just too pretty to cover. At Easter is the exception. I have a gorgeous white lace tablecloth I adore, and the spring decor lends itself to a more romantic and feminem table.

If you invest in one thing I would have to say cloth napkins. I can't stress enough how much colour, style and class they add to your table. The simplest plates can be elevated with a great napkin, with or without, a ring. Try folding them into fancy shapes, or putting them in the wine glasses.

This year I mixed my classic white and gold, Art Deco, porcelain with my cute oriental patterned black and brown set. I used my clear glass chargers with the gold beaded border. I also pulled together the black in the plates, by topping the glass charger with a black wire mesh charger. Love , love love those wire chargers. I bought them at Target, while on vacation in the states, in July. I just love how I can dress them up or down. The textures and colours are really looking good here. I bought these cute glittery, red napkins last week. Aren't they so festive.

For my centrepiece I chose red tullips and put them in a brown, black and gold handpainted vase.

Two gold and white candle holders on either side, finish off the table beautifully.

Pine cones are my placecard holders. Simple, elegant and new. Please be sure to send me all your holiday tablescapes. I love seeing all your beautiful decor.

Merry Christmas XOXOXO

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