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Rabanadas ❦ Portuguese French Toast

Wheather we call them rabanadas, fatias douradas or fatias partidas, the taste is still the same. Yummy, golden slices of heaven, fried to perfection, tossed in cinnamon sugar and topped with a boozy, honey and Port wine, infused syrup.

Unlike their breakfast cousins, they usually only make an appearance at Christmas and Easter. I am sure you will agree, they are delicious anytime. Carlos helped me make them this year, which is always nice. I love when my husband cooks with me. So grab your favourite human and get cooking.

You can leave out the Port wine and just make the simple syrup.

Rabanadas ❦ Portuguese French Toast

Makes about 12, 2cm. thick pieces

1 French baguette style bread. Day old, must be older to hold shape while frying, unlike fresh.

400 ml. Milk, Whole, semi-skim or skim are fine

4-5 Eggs, large, start with 4, add more as needed

1 Cinnamon stick

1 Lemon peel, in large strips

2 tbsp. Vanilla extract, optional

Vegetable oil to fry

To finish: