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A Southern Inspired Floral Easter Table Setting

March is here! Can you believe it? This year we have a late Easter, falling on the the 21st of April, but my inner decorista is already thinking about my table decor. It is my second favourite holiday after Christmas. There is something so nice about spring's new beginnings. Easter really celebrates rebirth.

My inspiration for my Easter table this year came from my love of blue and white china. I found these gorgeous bunny planters and fell in love. Blue and white vases always remind me of the American south. Go big or go home. Filled with tulips, hyacinths and hydrangeas, they really make a statement. Have you started to think about your Easter table this year? I hope you enjoy my tables cape and find some inspiration. keep sending me your photos, I love seeing all your creations.

Happy Spring XOXOXO

The beautiful bunny planters, blue, white and gold.

Tree branches starting to bloom picked from my back garden

I filled this pretty white lattice jar with candles. A string of warm white, battery operated mini lights would work as well.

Inspiration began with the gorgeous bunny planters

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