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Frango Na Púcara ❦ Portuguese One-Pot Baked Chicken

Frango na pucara is a classic of the Portuguese kitchen. I chose this recipe for my previous post on how to throw a dinner party. The recipe comes from the town of Alcobaça just north of Lisbon, in central Portugal. A púcara is a clay pot with a lid, taller than it is wide. You do not need one to make this recipe. Any lidded clay or cast-iron pot with a lid will do. I actually do not have one so I make it in a cast iron casserole.

What can be easier than throwing all ingredients into the pot to marinate and then putting the pot into the oven for an hour.

The flavour of this chicken will really knock your guest's socks off. This recipe is simply fool proof, making you the star. Take the pot to the table and serve. It is delicious with a side of french fries and white rice.


Frango Na Púcara ❦ Portuguese One-Pot Baked Chicken

Serves 4

1 Free-range chicken (1,3- 1,5 kilos is ideal