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Pão de Ló Húmido da Tia Mira ❦ Portuguese Moist Golden Sponge Cake

My husband's lovely Aunt Mira, short for Maria Palmira, made me the most delicious golden sponge I have ever tasted. Growing up in Connecticut, I remember my mother getting one from the local, Portuguese bakery every Easter. When I tasted this one I was instantly transported to my childhood. As an adult, I have only every made one once. It was delicious, but drier, like the one from my childhood. This one was different. Hers was wet in the middle. It was oozing with eggy goodness. Like an eggy custard melting middle cake. It was so decadent. When you see how many eggs are used for this you'll understand why.

Cakes like this were made by the convent nuns to use up all their eggs before lent.

Tomorrow, the 5th of March, is National Pancake Day, also known as Shove Tuesday. Instead of pancakes, why not make this eggy sponge. It only uses 3 ingredients, but the result is magical. The only trick to this cake is the beating of the eggs and sugar before adding the flour. The longer you beat them the better. Did someone say stand mixer? Might be a good idea :) Do not worry if the centre deflates after baking and cooling, it is normal and doesn't affect the taste.

Happy Baking xoxoxo

Pão de Ló Húmido da Tia Mira ❦ Portuguese Moist Golden Sponge Cake

Makes one cake

Copy link below to see my deep cake tin/pan

12 Free-range egg yolks, save whites in a Tupperware and freeze for future uses.

4 Whole eggs

200 g. Caster/ granulated sugar

80 g. Self-raising flour

Butter as needed to grease cake tin and baking paper

Baking/ Parchment paper, enough to allow overhang as picture

In a large bowl add yolks, whole eggs and sugar. Beat on high speed with a hand-held mixer or use stand mixer if you have one. Hand beating will work but will be very intense.

Beat on high for 20-25 minutes. This is the secret, light and fluffy!

With a spatula, fold in flour until well incorporated. Do not beat in, just fold gently.

Pre-heat oven to 180°c.

Grease baking tin with butter, cover with baking paper and greese it as well. Fill tin with batter all the way to the top. Place on centre rack in oven and bake for 15-18 minutes.

Remove from oven, centre might be jiggly. That's how you want it. Let cool at room temperature for 4 hours before plating. To plate, grab overhung baking paper and gently lift out onto a plate. Paper is usually left on for presentation.


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