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Home-made Pickled Vegetables

After having trouble finding pickled carrots here in the UK, I considered making my own pickles at home. It is sooo easy! You can even experiment with different vegetables or even fruits. This is my fuss free go to pickling mix. Use the pickles for a few recipes on the blog. The bonus is they are crunchier than the commercial jarred variety. My liquid was enough to cover a Kilner brand jar full of varied vegetables.

My jar was 400 ml., and I had plenty of liquid to cover the vegetables completly in the jar. If you need more just double the recipe. I did blanch my carrots and cauliflower in water beforehand, as they are too hard. The red bell pepper and onions do not need this step.

Have fun

Home-made Pickled Vegetables

Makes 1 400 ml. size jar

Should keep in fridge for 1-2 weeks

Flavours will intensify overtime

Make ahead 2 days before needed

Cut up as many vegetables as you need to completely fill your jar.

Baby cucumbers, ends trimmed and cut into half moons

Carrots, cut into slices

Cauliflower, cut into small florets, stems trimmed short

Small whole onions or larger ones, peeled quartered

Red bell pepper, deseeded