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Master Bedroom Reveal

Years ago, my sister and I coined the phrase , "it all starts with the shower curtain", a red and cream, troupe-l'oel one to be exact. It was so beautiful, but that change in the bathroom started a chain reaction of room changes that led to a complete house makeover.

Today I am sharing with you my bedroom and how a thrift store find led to a complete bedroom redo.

So let me backtrack, I have always wanted a hutch topped secretary. It was a piece of furniture I have coveted in decor magazines, but absolutely couldn't afford, not the one I wanted anyway.

Every once in a while I hit thrift store gold...when the universe unites, I find the diamonds everyone else overlooks. So, last Saturday I had to do a post office run in town and casually walked past the local thrift, furniture store when I spot it. I am thrilled. I knew exactly what it was from that distance. The style, the colour, the wood grain and best of all, its was immaculate. There before me was a circa 1920's walnut secretary screaming for me to take it home. Ball and claw feet and original brass hardware. Then my heart sunk. I see the red tag on it...yup,it was being held for someone. Jeolousy flooded through my veins, lol. I was heartbroken.

So, I sadly went home and all weekend couldn't stop thinking about it. Monday morning, I went into town again for a few groceries and walked past the shop again. My heartache still fresh, I see my baby was still there!! I walked in and was told the guy had never returned. I was over the moon. Well you know what happened next. This is my favourite piece of furniture...ever. It is an heirloom. It is gorgeous. They do not make furniture like this anymore. Beautiful and functional? Price? you ask....get ready for it, I am serious, like brace yourself! It cost £15.00. Yes...that is correct. This baby sells on Ebay for a minimum of £1000.00 and some are nowhere close to this condition. Thrift GOLD!!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling all day. Even Carlos, who usually needs to warm up to my finds, was in awe of how beautiful it was.

You all know how much I hate my wallpaper, but unfortunately it can't be changed, so "Can't beat 'em join 'em" is what I have done here. New pink curtains and rug, make the wallpaper fade. I almost do not mind it, lol. What are your thoughts?

With that I leave you my master bedroom reveal all because I found my dream piece...or the "shower curtain".


Just look at this wood grain...stunning

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