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Fresh Tuna Loin Portuguese Style ❦ Bitoque de Atum Fresco

Hello Friends, I have a great recipe to share with you today. Carlos and I have recently started substituting meat for more fish, so I have kind of been looking for interesting twists on our favourites. Bitoque, pronounced (bee-tock) is a typical dish in Portugal consisting of a steak , surrounded by fried potato rounds, in a special sauce. It is sometimes topped with ham and a fried egg as well. It is always served with white rice on the side. This I will leave entirely up to you, we love our carbs! I did serve this with rice, but it was a tiny portion.

At the market, I came across the most gorgeous fresh tuna loin steaks. Fresh tuna doesn't taste like canned tuna at all!

It is mild, meaty in texture and just gorgeous. You do not want to cook the tuna well done. You want it medium. Trust me :) It is delicious. The marinade will somewhat "cook" the tuna, so do not feel weird about cooking it medium. Do not, however, leave the tuna to sit in the acidic marinade longer than 15 minutes.

The sauce is made with fresh garlic, stock of your choice, vinegar, or lemon, and white wine.

Fresh Tuna Loin Portuguese Style ❦ Bitoque de Atum Fresco

Serves 4

Start to Finish under 45 minutes

4 Fresh tuna loin steaks, 150-200 g. each

4 Free-range eggs

4 tbsps. Red or white wine vinegar, you can use lemon juice as a substitute

5 Large potatoes, peele