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Spaghetti and Meatballs

Ok...I can hear all my Italian peeps, GASPING... loudly, LOL...

Good thing this recipe is so delicious that even they can't resist. Like all things American, this dish goes big...on size and taste. It delivers and doesn't disappoint. Italians wouldn't get so upset if they just let this go for what it is, Italian-American. That's it, end of story. It is freakin' delicious, say that with your best New York Italian accent, lol. As October is in full swing, all I want is a big bowl full of this comforting goodness. Pasta and meatballs all loved up with a rich tomato sauce and covered in cheese...Heaven. Now who can argue with that? Below is the link to my favourite pasta sauce.


Spaghetti and My Famous Giant Meatballs

Serves 6-8 about (2-3 meatballs per person)

Makes 20 "slightly larger than a golf ball" size meatballs

Serve with spaghetti and your favourite tomato sauce. Store bought or homemade, I won't tell ;)

Here's my favourite

To start: Will be added to meat mixture after cooking.