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Portuguese Lamb Stew with Sweet Potato ❦ Ensopado de Borrego com Batata Doce

This dish is a classic of the Portuguese kitchen. It is from Portugal's Alentejo region, in the south. Lamb is popular all over Portugal, but this comfort dish is made by stewing pieces of lamb until fall apart tender. It is then served atop fried rustic country bread. Mint leaves are the garnish of choice. Traditionally it also contains potatoes, stewed along with the lamb. I added sweet potato instead. Feel free to add regular white potatoes if you prefer. It won't alter the recipe in any way, or change the cooking time.

This is the quintessential fall dish. if you love lamb you will adore this dish. Here is a little secret, I am not a fan of lamb, but I totally loved this dish. The marinating helps rid the lamb of that very strong "lamb" taste. I usually marinate the lamb for a minimum of 6 hours and up to overnight. This step is crucial and I wouln't recommend making it if you are short on time. You can use any cut of lamb you like, but I prefer leg. Lard is traditionally used, but I prefer to use olive oil. Yes that says 100 ml. of vinegar, it is not a typo. It will balnce out in the end. Trust me.

In Portugal it is made in a clay pot that is hob/ stovetop safe.

I have an induction hob so I use a heavy cast iron casserole pot with lid. Works perfectly.

Portuguese Lamb Stew with Sweet Potato ❦ Ensopado de Borrego com Batata Doce

Serves 4

800 g. Leg of lamb, boneless trimmed of fat and cut into cubes

1 Sweet potato or 1 large white potato, peeled and cubed

120 g. Bacon

180 ml. Dry white wine