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A Mother's Day Brunch Table Setting

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Do you take her out or do you stay in?

Why not surprise her with a gorgeously set table for brunch! Our mothers are so special. I no longer have my Mom, but every year I would make her brunch and then we would all go out for dinner. I still celebrate as if she were still here. Without her I would not be here. This tables' decor inspiration came from the beautiful silver plated tray I was just gifted for my birthday. My eldest daughter knows me so well. I am lucky to celebrate my birthday in the Spring and in the UK, Mother's day is is March. It really is my all time favourite month.

I used my Mother's vintage crocheted tablecloth, made by my Aunt, my Mom's sister, years ago. This time of year our street is lined with beautiful trees in full blooming pink glory, I helped myself to a branch or two. How do you celebrate your Mother?

Cheers xoxo


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