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Bifanas à Moda do Porto ❦ Pork Cutlet Sandwich Porto Style

This delicious sandwich is synonymous with festivals, fairs and carnivals in Portugal's other capital city, Porto. Although the Bifana sandwich can be found all over the country, in Porto, the pork is shaved razor thin and served drenched in it's own delicious cooking sauce. It is also very boozy, made with no less than 4 different types of alcohol. Is it delicious? You bet it is. Wash it down with an ice cold "fino", that's a draught beer in the local lingo.

The only thing I do differently is not cook the lemon in the sauce. Some people do and swear it comes out fine, others say it makes the sauce taste bitter. I agree with the latter. The sauce is much "brighter" by adding just the lemon juice in the end. The lemon's white pith is to blame for the bitterness, so I prefer to leave it out.

Make it as hot as you like with some hot piri-piri sauce and slap it all between a crusty Portuguese "papo-seco", lingo for bread roll. Can't find any...feel free to use any crusty roll you like. I used an olive ciabatta today.

Happy Friday xoxo

Bifanas à Moda do Porto ❦ Pork Cutlet Sandwich Porto Style

Serves 6-8

1 Hour

I usually put the pork in the freezer for 20-30 minutes to solidify a bit. That makes it easier to slice.

Alternatively, ask your butcher to slice it as thin as he can. At home pound the pieces with a meat mallet.

In Portugal, lots of people use a meat slicer, like the ones used to cut ham, but obviously not all of us have one.