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Bife à Cervejeira com Ovo a Cavalo ❦ Brewery Style Steak with Egg on Horseback

This delicious steak sauce was made famous after the opening of a beautiful brewery in Lisbon. On the 10th of June, 1925 Cervejaria Portugália opened its doors and soon became an icon. Along with the fantastic beer on tap, were the delicious, and now iconic, foods it was serving from the kitchen. The steak with the characteristic yellow sauce, rich and creamy was a hit.

Sadly, Portugália today is now a chain in many malls across Portugal. I have eaten there only once or twice, but will not return. The quality just isn't there anymore. Since I am too young to have tasted this beauty in all its glory, as told to me by my grandmother, I will leave you with my rendition of what I think it is to me. Several online recipes seem to state similar obvious ingredients, but I have taken it up a notch with the addition of Worcestershire sauce and the egg blending technique. Instead of mixing the eggs with the cream and adding to pan, I make them in the blender first. A sort of a classic, lemony Hollandaise. It was brilliant and produced a silky sauce that did not break/separate, when added to pan to finish. My husband said it was possibly the best steak sauce he has ever had! The sauce is bangin' on fries too. Mine just might even be better than the original. I made the sauce pretty much with the ingredients you are supposed to use, but felt something was missing. The sauce is a guarded secret and nobody really knows what goes into it exactly. One can only speculate, and to me that's a challenge! Accepted! The real secret ingredient here is the Worcestershire sauce. It is not optional, trust me. The fried egg on top is a must, as breaking the yolk and mixing it with the sauce is divinial. Wash it all down with an ice cold, Imperial, Lisbon lingo for a draft beer. Crispy thin french fries on the side optional ;)

Enjoy XOXO

Bife à Cervejeira com Ovo a Cavalo ❦ Brewery Style Steak with Egg on Horseback

Serves 4

Under 30 minutes

*You will need a stick/ immersion blender for this recipe

4 Beef ribeye steaks, on the thicker side.