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Chicken Braised in Red Wine with Balsamic Vinegar Basil & Borlotti Beans

This recipe holds a very special place in my heart. It was created by me after having these ingredients to hand, but not having any idea what to make. I decided to break the rules and pour half a bottle of balsamic vinegar and red wine into the pot along with a huge bunch of fresh basil. Well, let me tell you my kitchen smelled incredible. I let it gently simmer until it was reduced by half, and just like that this fabulous recipe was born. I have created a lot of original recipes over the years, but this one is my favourite.

When my father came to live with us, I made this dish one day. I didn't expect him to particularly like it, being a very hardcore traditionalist to our Portuguese cuisine.

Well, he not only loved it, but exclaimed, and I quote, " mulher por que que não tens um restaurant?"

(Why don't you have a restaurant?)

Honestly, we all giggled. He said it without looking up at me, while shoveling the food into his mouth. He kept shaking his head after each bite and exclaiming afterwards.

It was so very touching and one of the reasons I just love feeding people. To me it is pure love...the best kind.

It meant a lot coming from him. I miss him, and this dish reminds me of him every time I make it.

It is comfort and love in a bowl, made exponentially better by ladling atop Parmesan and butter loaded mashed potatoes.

This dish can be made 1 day ahead, as with all braises, to taste even better!

Enjoy xoxo

Chicken Braised in Red Wine with Balsamic Vinegar Basil & Borlotti Beans