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My Thanksgiving Table Setting 2020

Nothing says autumn like a beautifully dressed Thanksgiving table. If you have been following me a while, you know autumn is my favourite season. It reflects for me a letting go of all things negative and a looking forward to Spring's rebirth. It is when I plant my delicious turnip greens and look forward to delicious comfort food. It is cozy sweaters, boots and the fireplace. The smell of the crisp dawn air and the beautiful ember coloured foliage.

This year has been devastating for us all. These uncertain times definitely mean our Thanksgiving will be so much more meaningful, for me anyway. Hopefully, wherever you are celebrating this holiday, that gathering restrictions are not in place. If they are, well we just will need to adapt to a "virtual" gathering. The internet and technology have certainly been my saving grace during this pandemic.

Why not set a beautiful table to remind you of how great life's little moments can cheer you up. This year my plan is to have a very intimate dinner party, with just our household. Carlos, me and the kids. I usually seat 12 or more at Thanksgiving, but this year will be a bit different, as we currently have lock down restrictions until December.

On that note, I hope you enjoy these little inspirations. I feel a simple, minimalist table was what my Thanksgiving this year will represent to me.

Enjoy the simple things and stay safe.

If you want a delicious turkey recipe then my Perfect Roast Turkey is the one, along with

Lots of love XOXO


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