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Peixinhos da Horta ❦ Tempura Battered and Fried Green Beans

This recipe is a very Portuguese treat. The origin of this recipe is somewhat of a mystery, but was very popular in Lisbon. It has recently seen a surge in popularity and become somewhat of a posh treat. The name is sooo literally translates to , little fish from the garden...cute right? Did you know we gave the Japanese tempura? The word,tempura, itself comes from latin and means


tempora f pl (plural only)

(Roman Catholicism, historical) Ember days: days of fasting formerly prescribed for the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the first week of each season.

Source: Wikipedia

That tells me it means Catholics could not eat meat or even fish? They do resemble tiny fried fish? Maybe it's the poor man's fish??

Maybe, lol. Either way they are absolutely delish and the batter is super light and airy. Feel free to substitute the sparkling water for beer.

You must make my delicious homemade tarter sauce to accompany these. Trust me.

I suggest you triple the recipe if you are making these for a party. My guests emptied my platter in less than 60 seconds!!

Enjoy XOXO