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Perfect Turkey Gravy

If you are like me, sauce is everything. Gravy is just the ultimate topping for food, period. Thanksgiving is no exception. I won't bore you with endless ranting...I mean, GRAVY, need I say more.

This recipe is a bit of effort. Complex, yes...difficult, no.

It makes enough for 8 servings and doubles beautifully.

I like to cheat and use an immersion blender. That makes it easy to emulsify the flour and liquid. Of course, plain old elbow grease will do the tick as well, just make sure you add the stock little by little.

How much gravy do you need? Here is a quick guide

4 people – 2 cups

6 people – 3 cups

12 people – 6 cups

20 people – 10 cups

Perfect Turkey Gravy

Makes 4 servings or 2 cups

15-20 minutes

250 ml. Turkey pan drippings ( approximately, If you do not have that much pan drippings after roasting the turkey then make up any shortcomings by increasing with turkey stock below)