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Batatas a Murro ❦ Portuguese"Punched" Potatoes

This recipe is super easy! It is my cheat version of this Portuguese classic. Usually the potatoes are parboiled and then oven roasted in copious amounts of extra virgin olive oil. Well, being it is a scorching 95°F, I decided to make these in a grill pan. Feel free to use my confit garlic oil in place of the raw garlic and oil used below. Feel free to add any aromatic herbs you like. Thyme and rosemary are delicious here. These potatoes go with good you can eat them on their own.

Enjoy XOXO

Batatas a Murro ❦ Portuguese"Punched" Potatoes

Serves 4

40 minutes

800 g. Baby potatoes, such as Jersey Royals (about 16)

2 Cloves of garlic

2 Sprig of Rosemary

1 Bay leaf

1 tbsp. Coarse sea salt, plus more to serve

Extra virgin olive oil as needed, at least 80 ml.

  1. Bring a pot of cold water to the boil with all the ingredients except extra virgin olive oil.

  2. Boil potatoes for about 30-35 minutes until a knife inserted into one goes straight in easily.

  3. Drain potatoes. Discard bay leaf.

  4. When cool enough to handle, place potatoes on cutting board and with the heel of your hand, hit the potato to smash it gently. You can also press down gently until they start to crack and flatten. You do not want it to break apart.

  5. Heat a skillet or frying pan with some olive oil. Just enough to coat the bottom. Arrange potatoes in a single layer. Let bottoms brown until nice and golden, turn once and repeat.

  6. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil all over potatoes along with some more coarse sea salt. You can use the reserved garlic and rosemary for garnish.

Crawley,West Sussex UK

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